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Fazync  Phase-Angle Synchronization (PAS)– Intelligent Electricity Recycling

The Problem

Wasted Electricity – Inherent Inefficiency, or Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity?

Where exactly is electricity wasted? Not all the electricity provided by the utility is consumed. This is because the electric motors used to power equipment like HVAC, refrigeration, industrial machinery, pumps, and lighting ballasts, consumes about 80% of the power provided—80% is usable (in-phase) and is consumed. The other 20% initially supplies the needed torque or leverage to the motor, but then

becomes unusable (out-of-phase) and travels back toward the utility. So 20% more power is generated and delivered than what is actually consumed.

The Solution

Intelligent Electricity Recycling Technology – Fazync

Phase-Angle Synchronization (PAS) captures this unusable and wasted electricity before it travels back to the utility, recycles it to be usable again (in-phase) to the end-user. By recycling the electricity, PAS technology can:

  • Reduce the needed generation capacity by 40%
  • Improve the efficiency of all delivered electricity, regardless of fuel source
  • Improve the reliability of the grid by lowering line congestion and increasing reserve margin
  • Reduce the incidence and economic cost of power outages
  • Protect the grid from excessive wear and damage to infrastructure

Fazync Presentation

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Recycling Wasted Electricity Whitepaper

 power recycling

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